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Wood Prints

I am so excited to be able to offer my clients what I feel to be such an extension of not only my brand, but my own personal sense of style.  I’ve never personally owned canvas prints because I just never felt like they fit within the rest of the style in my house.  Not to say that canvas prints aren’t an amazing way to display your favorite photos.  They totally are, but for my home, a large print with a cool frame just seemed to fit better. But that has all changed.  If you were to ever come to my home, you might catch on to the fact that I have a more rustic sense of design.  Besides the common naturally stained wood trim, doors, and floors that we put in, I even have a couple of wood walls, a wood ceiling, and can think of about 7 different areas in my home that are donned in sticks and fence posts that I’ve found on walks through our neighborhood. Heck, I even put wood grain on my business cards and website.

Needless to say, I love the natural look that wood can bring to a room as a decorative piece and am so excited to share this product with you.  These are somewhat like a canvas, except your photo is printed on wood.  As every piece and photo is different, they are all very unique.  You can see in the photos that the wood grain showing through is somewhat subtle, but enough to give an interesting touch to it.

If your a past client interested in ordering one or two of these beauties from your own gallery or a potential future client ready to book your session so that you can have one of these for the walls of your home, please shoot me an email at hello@avenue-photography.

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