Kelley + Colby | Oklahoma City Wedding Photographer

I had the honor of second shooting this wedding with Sarah of Sarah Libby Photography at Will Rogers Park here in Oklahoma City.  I am way behind on this post, as this wedding was this summer. However, I still wanted to share (and maybe dream of warm summer days while we browsing through the photos). Isn’t this dress so unique? It was even more stunning in person, as was the Bride if you can even believe that.  A few of my favorites from Kelley and Colby’s day.

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Tamara + Braden | Tulsa, OK Wedding Photographer

Bridle Creek, Tulsa Oklahoma, Wedding Photographer

I have been excited for this wedding for so long! Besides personally knowing and loving the bride, Tamara brought so much personality to her wedding through all of the details, which are so much fun to shoot.  From monograms to horses to a smores bar, everything had it’s place and it gave the day an extra special touch. I was thrilled about the beautiful scenery for this outdoor wedding, although Mother Nature decided to pull a fast one on us and a couple of hours before the ceremony, the sunny, 74 degree temps dropped to almost unbearable. Fortunately, Tamara was thoughtfully prepared and had scarves for everyone to keep from getting too chilly.  Despite the weather, it was such an amazing day.  Super laid back and full of laughter.  Not to mention, a seriously gorgeous bride with a dress to compare!

Tamara and Braden’s gorgeous vision was brought to life by the super talented Christina of Christina Leigh Events.  She was amazing to work with and I highly recommend her for any of you brides out there looking for someone to help plan details and coordinate your day.

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Kaele + Jason | Wedding

Kaeles vision for her wedding was a beautiful outdoor ceremony to take place at a family members ranch in smalltown Oklahoma.  It would be decorated with sunflowers, hay bales and even some horses in the background.  Well, she got all of that…plus a temperature drop of about 30 degrees.  Kaele was a trooper though.  She rounded up denim jackets for herself and her bridesmaids to keep them warm and still maintain their country chic look.  Kaeles groom, Jason, was one of the sweetest and most emotional guys I’ve photographed to date.  It’s always so touching to see the guys getting tearful at the sight of his bride.  Oh and did I mention these two are elementary school sweethearts?  This wedding has been a long time coming, which might explain all of the emotions!


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Katharine + Clay | Wedding

I was so excited when Katharine asked me to shoot her wedding down in Waco, Tx! Katharine and I have been friends since middle school.  We used to hop back and forth between her house and another mutual friends.  As many years ago as that was, I still remember admiring how close she was with her siblings.  They all had such a deep connection to each other beyond your average sibling relationship.  To get to play a role in her wedding and be a witness to the love for Katharine and Clay from not just her 5 siblings, but all of the guests at the wedding brought me to tears more than once on this gorgeous day.

The wedding took place on a beautiful piece of land that Katharine’s Aunt and Uncle live on.  They were amazing hosts for such a big, important event.  The ceremony took place outside overlooking Texas hills and a big, gorgeous tree that was home to cutest wooden swing.  It was a dream location and Katharine had a beautiful vision from church pews to cowboy boots.  I could not have been more honored.


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