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Williams Family | Dallas, TX Family Photographer

These two babies were just about the cutest things.  Sweet girl Katherine was so, so happy.  It took a little coaxing for brother to be as content as she was, but once we got him settled he was perfect!  They were so happy in that basket.  I imagine being twins that they loved being so close to each other.  Such a sweet, sweet morning I had with this family!

Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-1 Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-2 Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-3 Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-4 Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-5 Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-6


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