Touies Design | Oklahoma City, OK Photographer

Meet the girls of Touies Design, Kelsey and Leslie.  I have had the extreme pleasure of working with them on more than one occasion and it is never a let down.  Not only do I love getting to see all of their creativity through their awesome work, but they are so much fun to hang out with and I love that throughout working together so much, we have developed a friendship!

They are in the process of updating their website and needed some new photos, so we got together one perfect evening in downtown OKC and I couldn’t be happier with the turnout.


Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-1 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall,-Leslie-1 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-3 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-4 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-5 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-6 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-7 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-8 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-9 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-11 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-10 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-12 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-13 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-14 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-15 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-16


4th of July Family Shoot | Oklahoma City, Family Photographer

Family Shoot, River, Farm, Ryan, Oklahoma Photographer

What a fun time this was!  I happened to already not only know, but love this family for their big personalities and hilarious sense of humor so I was just excited to get to spend an evening with them. Heidi and JK were married 10 years ago on the 4th of July so we thought it was only appropriate to do a photo shoot along with that theme.  And I seriously could not ask for a better back drop than their backyard.  I’ve shot down in Ryan, OK before and it always just seems to leave my soul satisfied.  We went down on the Red River, which surprisingly has beautiful white sand.  The evening sunlight reflecting off of the red dirt cliffs across from where we were shooting was a view I hated to leave, much like the people I got to share my evening with.

4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-4 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-3 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-5 Family Photography, 4th of July shoot, Country 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-6 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-7 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-8 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-10 Collage 1 Collage 2 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-9Family Photography, Ryan, OK, American Flag