Cody + Adrienne | Oklahoma City, OK Engagement Photographer

I love shooting in a beautiful, open field as much as the next person, but I was so excited when Adrienne said she wanted her + Cody’s engagement session to take place in downtown OKC.  There is so much opportunity for creativity and interesting backdrops.  And isn’t this girl gorgeous?!  If you can’t tell how much fun she is by that great smile, take my word for it.  She’s fun.  Just love her.

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Kaele | Bridals

Kaele makes my job TOO easy. Besides always seeming to know which look to work when, she is the most laid back, easy going bride ever.  She completely trusted me when I suggested we do her Bridal Portraits in a downtown OKC alley full of graffiti.  ‘Cause that’s where every Bride wants her photos taken, right?!  We had a lot of fun playing with the colors behind her and the interesting graphics but then we headed to the Oklahoma State Fair for an even more interesting shoot.

You’d be surprised how many people saw a girl in a wedding dress, a girl with a camera, a friend in jean shorts and a t-shirt, no groom…and then asked her if she just got married.  It was their first thought to assume that she had her wedding on a Wednesday at the fair regardless of missing the other main components in a wedding.  You know, like the groom.  And maybe bridesmaids or a bouquet or family.  Not the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard 523 times in one night, but just interesting to me that no one ever assumed she was just doing her bridal portraits there.


Bridals-31 Bridals Edit-1 Bridals-8 Bridals-5 Bridals-18 Bridals-40 Bridals, State Fair of Oklahoma, Grafitti Bridals, State Fair of Oklahoma, Grafitti Bridals, State Fair of Oklahoma, Grafitti Bridals, State Fair of Oklahoma, Grafitti

Maddux | Baby

Stumbling onto this alley full of graffiti was probably equivalent to finding gold.   So much potential all within 100 yards.  And the OKC Thunder logo….Glorious!  Maddux was such a little poser too, giving me his best tough guy look. Maddux Wiley-25 copy Maddux Wiley-26 Maddux Wiley-53 Maddux Wiley-72 Maddux Double