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Jenny | Maternity

When I spoke with Jenny about shooting her maternity photos, I had no idea how special her photos would be.  Originally, she didn’t really even want “Maternity Pictures”….more like an engagement session with her husband whose baby she was carrying.  A couple of weeks later, I emailed Jenny to check in and she informed me that she had been placed on strict bed rest due to some complications.  She was devastated over losing her opportunity to capture this precious time in her life but let me know that maternity photos are just not an option for her anymore.  My heart told me otherwise.  With the expectation of her saying no, I wrote her back, all but shy of begging her to let me do some photos of her on bed rest.  She said yes.  We continued to exchange emails, both with tears in our eyes, thanking the other for the opportunity they were giving us.

When I arrived at Jenny’s house, she shared with me her story of this being her 2nd pregnancy.  She suffered a devastating loss with her first and was bound and determined to bring this little boy into the world alive and well!  That was when the dots connected for me and I knew my heart had been right about this one.  While I love the chance to share a beautiful story with the world, I love even more the opportunity to give such a deserving person the gift of photos.  This was more than just a maternity shoot for Jenny.  This was acknowledging a blessing.  This was recognizing that the struggles and the sacrifice had a really big pay-off in the end.  I’m so honored to have been part of such a recognition.


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