Mickelson Kids | Coppell, TX Family Portrait Photographer

I realize this blog post looks like Maya stole the show and that’s because she basically did. And by that I mean she was the only one of the three kids that would sit still for longer than 2.5 seconds, even though she appears to be moving in almost every single shot. Haha-that basically sums up this shoot. Up at 6:15 to catch that glorious morning light, a 4-year-old that has zero interest in standing and smiling when there is a playground within arms reach, twin one-year-olds that are exactly that, and I had to bring my two-year-old because the grandparents were still snoozing that early in the morning and the mommy of these three beautiful children also happens to be my best friend and so I get to do that. To have been a fly on the wall for this session…I’m sure it looked like a chaotic mess, but I’m pretty proud of what we popped off here, all things considered.

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