Melissa + Gary | Wedding

After their engagement session, I knew this was bound to be a laid-back, good time kind of wedding. It turned out to be a beautiful November day, allowing for some very comfortable Bride and Groom portraits outside.  And Melissa still had that awesome laugh.  I swear you can hear it just by looking at the photos.  Harwell Wedding-5 Harwell Wedding-7 Harwell Wedding-35 Harwell Wedding-81 copy Harwell Wedding-13 Harwell Wedding-25 Harwell Wedding-87 Harwell Wedding-32 Harwell Wedding-36 Harwell Wedding-68 Harwell Wedding-91 Harwell Wedding-115 Harwell Wedding-261 Harwell Wedding-284 Harwell Wedding-275 Harwell Wedding-157 Harwell Wedding-149 Harwell Wedding-311 Harwell Wedding-349 Harwell Wedding-322 Harwell Wedding-376 Harwell Wedding-355 Harwell Wedding-239 Harwell Wedding-231 Harwell Wedding-412 Harwell Wedding-420 Harwell Wedding-434 Harwell Wedding-458 Harwell Wedding-470 Harwell Wedding-610 Harwell Wedding-521