Broadhurst Wedding | Austin, TX Wedding Photographer

I can’t believe I’m just now sharing these photos. This was such a gorgeous wedding. It really doesn’t get any better than a big body of water for your backdrop and Ashley’s dress was one of the most unique, yet subtly beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen.  It was so fitting for an outdoor ceremony on a lake and fit her like a glove. The weather had me a little nervous the day before. Serious downpour the entire drive to Horseshoe Bay, TX and into the night, but the day of the wedding turned out to be perfect.

Broadhurst-Wedding-8 Broadhurst-Wedding-3 Broadhurst-Wedding-5 Broadhurst-Wedding-48 Broadhurst-Wedding-62 Broadhurst-Wedding-53 Broadhurst-Wedding-68 Broadhurst-Wedding-21 Broadhurst-Wedding-64 Broadhurst-Wedding-72 Broadhurst-Wedding-119 Broadhurst-Wedding-124 Broadhurst-Wedding-191 Broadhurst-Wedding-208 Broadhurst-Wedding-213 Broadhurst-Wedding-217 Broadhurst-Wedding-218 Broadhurst-Wedding-223 Broadhurst-Wedding-230 Broadhurst-Wedding-234 Broadhurst-Wedding-249 Broadhurst-Wedding-274 Broadhurst-Wedding-301 Broadhurst-Wedding-306 Broadhurst-Wedding-315 Broadhurst-Wedding-351 Broadhurst-Wedding-415 Broadhurst-Wedding-479 Broadhurst-Wedding-463 Broadhurst-Wedding-481 Broadhurst-Wedding-482 Broadhurst-Wedding-548 Broadhurst-Wedding-551 Broadhurst-Wedding-557 Broadhurst-Wedding-555 Broadhurst-Wedding-574 Broadhurst-Wedding-510 Broadhurst-Wedding-531 Broadhurst-Wedding-504 Broadhurst-Wedding-612