Broadhurst Wedding | Austin, TX Wedding Photographer

I can’t believe I’m just now sharing these photos. This was such a gorgeous wedding. It really doesn’t get any better than a big body of water for your backdrop and Ashley’s dress was one of the most unique, yet subtly beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen.  It was so fitting for an outdoor ceremony on a lake and fit her like a glove. The weather had me a little nervous the day before. Serious downpour the entire drive to Horseshoe Bay, TX and into the night, but the day of the wedding turned out to be perfect.

Broadhurst-Wedding-8 Broadhurst-Wedding-3 Broadhurst-Wedding-5 Broadhurst-Wedding-48 Broadhurst-Wedding-62 Broadhurst-Wedding-53 Broadhurst-Wedding-68 Broadhurst-Wedding-21 Broadhurst-Wedding-64 Broadhurst-Wedding-72 Broadhurst-Wedding-119 Broadhurst-Wedding-124 Broadhurst-Wedding-191 Broadhurst-Wedding-208 Broadhurst-Wedding-213 Broadhurst-Wedding-217 Broadhurst-Wedding-218 Broadhurst-Wedding-223 Broadhurst-Wedding-230 Broadhurst-Wedding-234 Broadhurst-Wedding-249 Broadhurst-Wedding-274 Broadhurst-Wedding-301 Broadhurst-Wedding-306 Broadhurst-Wedding-315 Broadhurst-Wedding-351 Broadhurst-Wedding-415 Broadhurst-Wedding-479 Broadhurst-Wedding-463 Broadhurst-Wedding-481 Broadhurst-Wedding-482 Broadhurst-Wedding-548 Broadhurst-Wedding-551 Broadhurst-Wedding-557 Broadhurst-Wedding-555 Broadhurst-Wedding-574 Broadhurst-Wedding-510 Broadhurst-Wedding-531 Broadhurst-Wedding-504 Broadhurst-Wedding-612

My Guy | 18 Months

I was fully prepared for this little man of mine to be the epitome of a photographers child, refusing to cooperate, growling at the camera, and so on. However, his spit fire, silly personality is hard to tame, even for him. We had a few melt downs when we had to do our own walking, but for the majority of the time, my favorite parts of his personality shined throughout our shoot.

Since he is very much the shoemakers child in the sense that I NEVER pull out my camera at home, I decided that an 18 month photo shoot was necessary. He’s changed so much in the last 6 months, which was the last time I took photos of him…outside of my iphone of course. Not to mention, I’ve had a vision in my head with the old Ford truck hood that I’ve been wanting to bring to life for a while now. If I’m being completely honest, I kept hoping a client with a little boy named Ford would appear in my inbox, but I couldn’t wait any longer so my little boy had to do. And he did quite perfect if you ask me! :) He even dressed the part, understated casualness, denim and barefoot, a baseball cap to keep the sun out of his eyes (which he loves looking directly at and then laughing as he squints and turns his head away).

This shoot became even more important to me once I saw the photos. During a typical shoot with clients, it’s always important to me to embody any and all emotion that is being shown. Even if it’s not a highly emotional shoot, such as a wedding or birth, the moments are just as fleeting and just as important. Especially with a growing child whose personality changes and expands every day. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day routines that even if I’m witnessing these changes take place, I still overlook them or get too busy to acknowledge what is happening before my very eyes. One day, he won’t suck his thumb anymore. One day, his baby curls on the back of his head will be cut off and will never return the same way. One day, he’ll be too big to let his Momma throw him up in the air or too cool to give his Daddy hugs and kisses. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to tell me when that last time will come so that I can soak that moment up a little longer.

One day, all I’ll have are the faded memories and, thank God, the photos.

Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-9 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-1 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-19 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-17 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-18 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-13 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-14 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-2 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-3 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-4 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-20 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-10 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-11 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-5 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-6 Edmond, Oklahoma kid photographer, Suspenders and denim, Old truck Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-7 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-8 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-12 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-15 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-16 matt-3 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-21 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-22 Guthrie,-Oklahoma-Family-Photographer,-Little-Boy,-Gap-Kids,-Avenue-Photography,-Oklahoma,-Edmond-Photographer-23

The Color Purple

Oklahoma City Family Photographer, Will Rogers Park, Edmond, OK Family Photographer, Avenue Photography

I loved these shots so much that I had to do a separate post from the family post. It took a lot of begging to get this beauty into the flowers. I’m not sure if it was because they were taller than her or what, but once I showed her a shot of herself in the sea of purple, she decided it was worth the risk and was telling me where she should stand. I think we made a good team.

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