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Best Day Ever | 12.31.14

My son. My monster. My love. On this day, one year ago, you turned my whole world upside down and right side up. You made me work harder than I’ve ever worked to bring you into this world and I’ve never known a reward so sweet. One of my biggest fears is that you won’t ever be able to fully understand all the ways you matter. All the ways you’ve made your Dad and I, and so many others, so happy. All the ways that you are loved. Big, big love.  You change me. Every day. I have a beauty from you that wasn’t here before. I have a value in myself that couldn’t have existed before you. You melt me and build me up all with one look. You put peace in my heart where it was once a dark hole. I love deeper. I pray harder. You. You do that to me. You do it to your Dad. You are everything I needed then and now. I hope you’ll forever let me tell you that I love you isn’t big enough. Happy Birthday Madden!

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All birth photos by Ashley Porton Photography


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