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Touies Design | Oklahoma City Apparel

Who’s ready for football season?  If you’re like me at all, you’re probably not just throwing on a t-shirt and jean shorts for the games, because it’s way more fun to dress up a bit.  However, fall in Oklahoma is insanely hot and therefore I have skipped wearing my super cute black, white, and orange maxi dress to the games for the last two years, because I’m bound to have sweat marks in places I don’t want people to know that I sweat. Real problems here, people. However, the girls at Touies Design came up with the cutest shirts that fit so much cuter than your average tee, therefore resulting in a super cute outfit made up of a comfy, breathable, t-shirt and shorts. See how we came full circle there?

It’s always a pleasure to work with the Touies Girls! Kelsey and Leslie put together an awesome new apparel line representing none other than the great state of Oklahoma and our beloved pastime, football.  We had such a fun evening downtown playing with outfits, Stella and Dot jewelry, and these gorgeous girls that rocked every bit of the shoot.  It was quite a girly evening and I’m not complaining.

And for all my Oklahoma State fans out there, don’t be turned off by all the crimson and none of the orange. They have added a beautiful color of orange to the collection as well. :)


Collage-2 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-4 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-19 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-22 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-2 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-13 Touies Design, Oklahoma City, Downtown, Broadway and 4th, Vine Wall, OU, But First Football, Okie collage-4 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-11 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-14 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-15 PTM-Storyboard-2-Up OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-1 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-6 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-12 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-17 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-16 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-18 OKC,-Green-Vine-Wall,-Broadway-and-4th,-Oklahoma-City,-Downtown,-Touies-Design,-Oklahoma-Football-Apparel,-Stella-and-Dot-Jewelery,-Avenue-Photography-23

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Touies Design | Oklahoma City, OK Photographer

Meet the girls of Touies Design, Kelsey and Leslie.  I have had the extreme pleasure of working with them on more than one occasion and it is never a let down.  Not only do I love getting to see all of their creativity through their awesome work, but they are so much fun to hang out with and I love that throughout working together so much, we have developed a friendship!

They are in the process of updating their website and needed some new photos, so we got together one perfect evening in downtown OKC and I couldn’t be happier with the turnout.


Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-1 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall,-Leslie-1 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-3 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-4 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-5 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-6 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-7 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-8 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-9 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-11 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-10 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-12 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-13 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-14 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-15 Touies-Design,-Downtown-OKC,-Chesapeake-Boathouse,-Ivy-Wall-16


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Bailey | Oklahoma City, Senior Photographer

Bailey Girl! I’m kind of biased to this lovely one’s photos as she is a cousin of mine!  Therefore, she is awesome. :)  She made the super long drive up from Stephenville, TX so that I could do her senior portraits.  While I think she looks beautiful in the photos, she may be looking a little too beautiful in some of them. That little 4 year old princess with the long, wavy hair jumps out of one picture.  And then Bam!  The next one is 17 years of grown-up beauty!  I loved getting to see you and spend time with you, Bailey!  Can’t wait to see all that you conquer in life!Senior Girl Vintage Bright Colors Train Tracks Car blog-Girl-senior-pics-cars Blog-Girl-Laughing-Senior Senior Girl Vintage Bright Colors Train Tracks Car Senior Girl Vintage Bright Colors Train Tracks Car Senior Girl Vintage Bright Colors Train Tracks Car Senior Girl Vintage Bright Colors Train Tracks CarSenior Girl Vintage Bright Colors Train Tracks CarSenior Girl Vintage Bright Colors Train Tracks CarSenior Girl Vintage Bright Colors Train Tracks CarSenior Girl Vintage Bright Colors Train Tracks Car Senior Girl Vintage Bright Colors Train Tracks Car


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Hilary + Tristan | Oklahoma City, Engagement Photographer

“I just recently acquired the most amazing Fiance in the world and am in dire need of an amazing photographer to show the world! Can you Help?”

This was the first line in Tristan’s email to me when inquiring Engagement/Wedding photos.  Um, yes please!  I think I responded with something like, “Hi. Favorite email ever!”

Tristan is a smitten kitten for his girl Hilary and I don’t even care how corny that sounds rhyming and all because it is so very true.  When we started discussing their engagement session, he made sure that I knew that they were a very outgoing and playful couple!  As soon as I pulled up and saw them in their brightly colored outfits and happy expressions, I knew he hadn’t lied.  They were super affectionate (which I love) and definitely playful.  I think Hilary was worried she was going to be laughing in ALL of the photos. I made a point to get a variety of expressions from them, but really, a gallery full of happy-in-love-laughter photos suits me just fine!


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