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Williams Family | Dallas, TX Family Photographer

These two babies were just about the cutest things.  Sweet girl Katherine was so, so happy.  It took a little coaxing for brother to be as content as she was, but once we got him settled he was perfect!  They were so happy in that basket.  I imagine being twins that they loved being so close to each other.  Such a sweet, sweet morning I had with this family!

Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-1 Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-2 Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-3 Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-4 Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-5 Twins-Park-Green-Outdoor-Session-Baby-Dallas-6

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Sara and Ben | Edmond, OK Wedding Photographer

I was so excited when Sara called and asked me to be her wedding photographer.  I photographed her brother and new sister-in-law’s wedding a few months prior and had so much fun hanging out with them at this wedding.  To start off already having a connection with a bride and her family makes the day run that much smoother.  It’s obviously not always possible, but definitely a luxury that I love the chance to get.  Sara was so precious getting ready for her moment, gushing to her Dad about Ben being the man of her dreams. I love Love!

Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-1 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-2 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-3 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-4 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-5 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-6 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-7 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-8 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-9 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-10 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-11 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-12 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-13 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-14 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-15 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-16 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-17 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-18 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-19 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-20 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-21 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-22 Sara-and-Ben-Wedding-23

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Kennedy 1 Month | Norman, OK Family Photographer

How amazing is sweet Kennedy’s hair!  Her Mom tells me there is no stopping it either. Straight up. All the time.  I’m obsessed.  Kennedy was so perfect for her shoot.  I was a little worried as I’ve actually never shot a one month old before and I didn’t really know what to expect, but what a great little model she was.  So alert and interested in what I was doing.  I had such a great afternoon with this family.  One of my (many) favorite things about being a portrait photographer is meeting so many new and wonderful people, and the Nichols Family is no exception to that.  Such great people.  I loved getting to chit chat with Dustin and Sheena all afternoon.  Although, I have a feeling almost everyone they meet feels that way about them.  So easy going and totally enamored with this new little life in their hands.  Love getting to capture that.


Kennedy-Nichols-2 Kennedy-Nichols-4 Kennedy-Nichols-3 Kennedy-Nichols-5 Kennedy-Nichols-6 Kennedy-Nichols-7 Kennedy-Nichols-8 Kennedy-Nichols-9 Kennedy-Nichols-10 Kennedy-Nichols-11

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Mosshart Family | Family Portraits, Oklahoma City Wedding Photographer

Loved this family session so much.  I can’t get over how beautiful they all are. It was the perfect evening with some seriously amazing weather!  We had so much fun wandering around this huge parking lot with so many great, unique backdrops.  And let’s not ignore those precious two little girls!  They were both dolls and did so wonderful! Again, so many things to love about this session!

wntown Family Photographer Oklahoma City, Downtown Family Photographer wntown Family Photographer wntown Family Photographer wntown Family Photographer wntown Family Photographer wntown Family Photographer


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4th of July Family Shoot | Oklahoma City, Family Photographer

What a fun time this was!  I happened to already not only know, but love this family for their big personalities and hilarious sense of humor so I was just excited to get to spend an evening with them. Heidi and JK were married 10 years ago on the 4th of July so we thought it was only appropriate to do a photo shoot along with that theme.  And I seriously could not ask for a better back drop than their backyard.  I’ve shot down in Ryan, OK before and it always just seems to leave my soul satisfied.  We went down on the Red River, which surprisingly has beautiful white sand.  The evening sunlight reflecting off of the red dirt cliffs across from where we were shooting was a view I hated to leave, much like the people I got to share my evening with.

4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-4 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-3 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-5 Family Photography, 4th of July shoot, Country 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-6 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-7 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-8 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-10 Collage 1 Collage 2 4th-of-July-shoot,-Family-Photographer-Oklahoma-9Family Photography, Ryan, OK, American Flag

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