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Maddux | Oklahoma City, Family Photographer

When Maddux’s Mom and I scheduled this shoot, it was supposed to be a warm, sunny day.  Leave it to Oklahoma to do the exact opposite.  Cold, cloudy, and super windy.  Boo.  Not my favorite, especially with little ones because I just hate for them to be outside in that kind of weather, but Maddux was a total doll.  We took plenty of breaks in the car to warm up and get out of the wind and Maddux somehow knew to turn it on once I got in front of him with my camera.  It probably helped that Mom and Dad were behind me pulling out all the stops for that charming smile of his!  And can we talk about his fashion sense?!  His shoes kill me!

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Hilary + Tristan | Oklahoma City, Engagement Photographer

“I just recently acquired the most amazing Fiance in the world and am in dire need of an amazing photographer to show the world! Can you Help?”

This was the first line in Tristan’s email to me when inquiring Engagement/Wedding photos.  Um, yes please!  I think I responded with something like, “Hi. Favorite email ever!”

Tristan is a smitten kitten for his girl Hilary and I don’t even care how corny that sounds rhyming and all because it is so very true.  When we started discussing their engagement session, he made sure that I knew that they were a very outgoing and playful couple!  As soon as I pulled up and saw them in their brightly colored outfits and happy expressions, I knew he hadn’t lied.  They were super affectionate (which I love) and definitely playful.  I think Hilary was worried she was going to be laughing in ALL of the photos. I made a point to get a variety of expressions from them, but really, a gallery full of happy-in-love-laughter photos suits me just fine!


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Ellie | Dallas, TX Newborn Photographer

This precious girl is tougher than she looks.  Several days after her photo shoot, Mama took her to the doctor with that motherly instinct telling her something just wasn’t right (and hadn’t been).  Turns out the poor thing had RSV and had likely had it since birth.  I know it was a long 10 days in the itty bitty hospital room…er, corner, but with lots of love, support and oxygen, sweet Ellie recovered and is growing stronger and prettier everyday.  Aren’t they just the cutest family!

Ellie Newborn-3Newborn, Family, Lifestyle Session, Vintage NurseryEllie Newborn-29Ellie Newborn-34Ellie Newborn-39Ellie Newborn-48Ellie Newborn-52Ellie Newborn-56Ellie Newborn-67Ellie Newborn-74Ellie Newborn-84

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Leigh and Alan | Dallas, TX Engagement Photographer

When Leigh first emailed me to shoot her and Alan’s engagement session, she asked for some creative help in choosing locations for the shoot to take place. Us living in two different places, her in Dallas and me in Oklahoma, I felt a little limited in being able to come up with ideas since I couldn’t just drive around and seek the spots out. I started probing her for some details about her life, what her and her fiance do for fun, do for a living, and how they would define their styles or personalities. With every email from there on after, the ideas just kept getting better and better!

I first found out that they are getting married in Ireland. Whoa. Cool. I then found out that Leigh is a pilot. Whoa. Even cooler. I offered the idea of shooting part of the session in a pub to pay homage to their Irish wedding, with a little bit of reservation that I might offend them with such a suggestion. She loved the idea! Turns out that they are getting married in Ireland because it’s where they met, in Alan’s hometown….Uuhhhhh, can we say fairy tale! Fall in love with that guy you met on vacation only to have him move across the world to be with you only to, wait for it, propose to you in Ireland and then surprise you with your parents there to celebrate…in Ireland! Seriously! As if it couldn’t get any better, we were talking about doing part of the shoot at the airport to incorporate Leigh’s job into it. We were struggling with getting the timing of everything and then Leigh just happened to mention that her Dad had a plane that we could use instead! Pretty much a dream.

The best part of the whole shoot was how awesome of a couple Leigh and Alan were! Alan had us laughing the whole shoot. I remember telling Leigh that I didn’t think she’d ever have to worry about her marriage getting boring! And they were so obviously smitten with each other it was just adorable to be a witness too.


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Tara + Clay | Wedding

This wedding was everything I hoped it would be.  When I shot Tara and Clay’s engagement photos, I was inspired by their affection for each other and genuineness.  You can read more about that shoot here.  I just knew that their wedding day would be packed full of those things, plus some light-heartedness and a whole lotta love!  Clay is the definition of a chivalrous gentleman.  And Tara is just so deserving of that kind of man.  Such a sweet person that is just so likable and easy to be around.  I feel like I can’t get creative enough with my adjectives to describe these two, but they truly are an amazing couple with amazing (and such good looking) families.  I don’t think I have ever laughed so much with the families of the bride and groom at a wedding as I did at this one!  Such an energetic and happy bunch of people.  I can only imagine their holidays being a total blast.  Needless to say, Matt and I were humbled to have been witnesses to their love story.

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